8-Bit Jump Super Mario Bros. 3 T-Shirt

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8-Bit Jump Super Mario Bros. 3 T-Shirt T-shirts


This Super Mario Bros. t-shirt features an 8-bit image of Mario jumping in the classic NES video game Super Mario Bros. 3.

In Super Mario Bros. 3, peace has returned to the Mushroom Kingdom thanks to the efforts of Mario and Luigi; however, Bowser sent his own seven children to the other countries of the Mushroom World. Mario and Luigi vow to go and stop the Koopalings’ mischief, and rescue Princess Toadstool, who has once again been kidnapped by Bowser. This video game is best known for introducing six new power-ups: the Super Leaf, the Tanooki Suit, the Magic Wing, the Frog Suit, the Hammer Suit, and Goomba’s Shoe.

Super Mario Bros. 3 has been considered one of the greatest games of all time, with its huge success attributed to its complexity and challenging levels. Let everyone know that you are a fan with this 8-Bit Jump Super Mario Bros. 3 T-Shirt!

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8-Bit Jump Super Mario Bros. 3 T-Shirt

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