Tie Dye Logo ThunderCats T-Shirt


Tie Dye Logo ThunderCats T-Shirt T-shirts


ThunderCats is one of the greatest animated series from the 1980s, and now the series’ logo gets a retro tie dye look on this t-shirt!

The ThunderCats battled the forces of evil on their hit animated series. Whenever the ThunderCats were in danger, Lion-O would lift the Sword of Omens and say “Thunder, thunder, thunder, ThunderCats. Ho!!”. When Lion-O would let out this battle cry, the Sword or Omens would release the logo seen on this t-shirt into the sky. This symbol would summon the other ThunderCats, who were unstoppable when they were united!

For any fan of the classic cartoon the featured Lion-O, Cheetara, Panthro and Tygra, this Tie Dye Logo ThunderCats T-Shirt is a must have!

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Tie Dye Logo ThunderCats T-Shirt

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